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Why Does My Best Friend Keep Dating Jerks?

By August 18, 2023No Comments


We all need one of the best for our associates, right? So when your best friend appears to maintain falling for people who treat them poorly, it may be irritating and confusing. You might end up scratching your head and questioning, "Why does my finest pal hold dating jerks?" Well, you’re not alone. Many folks have wondered the identical factor. In this article, we’ll explore some attainable explanation why this could be happening and supply some advice on the method to support your friend by way of it all.

The Attraction to Bad Boys/Girls

One potential rationalization on your greatest friend’s courting choices is a sample of attraction to unhealthy boys or women. You know, the sort that is attractive, mysterious, and slightly tough around the edges. These people would possibly exude confidence and charisma, which could be engaging. Sadly, this attract usually comes with a heavy dose of drama and toxicity. But why are they interested in most of these people?

The Thrill of the Chase

There’s something thrilling about being with someone who keeps you on your toes. The fixed pleasure and uncertainty within the relationship can actually be addictive. Your friend may find that the ups and downs keep them engaged and make them feel alive. It’s like a rollercoaster experience that they can’t resist, despite the very fact that it’d make them sick to their stomachs.

The Desire to Fix and Change

Another reason why your finest pal may be drawn to jerks is their want to fix and change them. They might imagine that deep down, beneath all the unhealthy habits, there is a good individual ready to be unleashed. They see themselves because the savior who will finally make their companion see the error of their ways. It’s a noble thought, however sadly, it not often works out that method.

Low Self-Esteem and Insecurity

In some instances, your greatest friend’s penchant for relationship jerks could stem from low vanity and insecurity. They may not believe that they deserve someone who treats them with respect and kindness. Instead, they settle for lower than they deserve as a result of they don’t really feel worthy of something better. This lack of self-worth can create a vicious cycle, the place they hold attracting companions who reinforce their adverse beliefs about themselves.

Fear of Commitment and Intimacy

Dating jerks can also be a means in your best good friend to avoid dedication and intimacy. By choosing companions who aren’t emotionally obtainable or who treat them poorly, they can create a barrier that protects them from getting too shut. It’s a protection mechanism that shields them from the vulnerability and potential ache that may include opening as a lot as someone. Unfortunately, this strategy hardly ever results in a satisfying and healthy relationship.

How to Support Your Best Friend

Now that you’ve got got a better understanding of why your finest pal would possibly maintain dating jerks, it is time to consider how you can assist them via this challenging pattern. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Listen with out judgment: Your friend wants a secure area to vent and share their feelings. Be there for them without passing judgment or providing unsolicited advice. Sometimes, all they need is a listening ear.

  2. Encourage self-reflection: Help your friend explore their patterns and beliefs about relationships. Encourage them to replicate on what they really need and deserve in a partner.

  3. Boost their self-esteem: Remind your greatest friend of their value and value. Help them build up their vanity by highlighting their optimistic qualities and accomplishments.

  4. Set boundaries: It’s essential to set boundaries with your pal if their relationship choices begin to negatively impact your individual well-being. Let them know that you just care about them however that you could’t support their decisions if they continue to put themselves in dangerous situations.

  5. Offer alternatives: Introduce your pal to new social circles or suggest actions where they can meet various varieties of individuals. Sometimes, a change of scenery may help break the cycle of attracting jerks.

  6. Be patient: Changing patterns and overcoming deeply ingrained beliefs takes time. Be affected person along with your friend and understand that their journey towards healthier relationships is a process.


Watching your best good friend repeatedly select companions who deal with them poorly can be incredibly irritating. But understanding the reasons behind this behavior can help you present the support and guidance they need. Whether it is a pattern of attraction to dangerous boys/girls, low shallowness and insecurity, or a fear of dedication and intimacy, there are underlying factors at play.

By listening without judgment, encouraging self-reflection, boosting their vanity, setting boundaries, offering alternate options, and being patient, you can help your greatest friend break the cycle and find the loving, healthy relationship they deserve. Love might blind us at occasions, but with the right kind of help, we may help our associates see the light and select companions who will treat them proper.


  1. Why does my best pal hold relationship jerks despite understanding they aren’t good for her?

    • There could presumably be a quantity of reasons for this conduct. It’s possible that she may have low shallowness or concern being alone, leading her to accept lower than she deserves. Additionally, she could not absolutely understand the sample or imagine that she will change her courting selections.
  2. How can I assist my greatest friend in breaking this sample and finding a wholesome relationship?

    • Show her that you genuinely care about her well-being by having open and trustworthy conversations about her relationship decisions. Encourage her to reflect on past negative experiences and what she wants in a companion. Offer emotional assist and reinforce her self-worth, reminding her of the qualities that make her wonderful. Suggest contemplating therapy or self-help assets that concentrate on constructing self-esteem and making more healthy relationship decisions.
  3. What indicators should I search for to identify a "jerk" that my finest pal may be dating?

    • Look out for purple flags such as controlling conduct, disrespect, manipulation, narcissism, or a history of abusive relationships. Pay consideration to how the particular person treats your good friend and others round them. Trust your instincts if one thing feels off and gently specific your considerations to your friend, with out being judgmental.
  4. How do I method my best pal without sounding judgmental or overprotective?

    • Start the conversation by expressing your genuine care and concern for her happiness and well-being. Use "I" statements to speak your own emotions and observations as a substitute of accusing or criticizing her partner choices. Avoid generalizations and concentrate on specific behaviors or situations that have raised considerations. Let her know that you’re there to assist her, no matter her choices, however are worried about her ending up with someone who would not deal with her well.
  5. What if my finest friend bdsm com will get defensive or dismisses my issues after I convey up the issue?

    • Understand that people might initially react defensively once they really feel their choices are being questioned. Be affected person and let your pal know that you just respect her decisions but are only looking for her happiness. Avoid pushing the issue and give her some time and space to process your considerations. Remind her that you’ll all the time be there to help her, it doesn’t matter what.
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