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How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

By August 29, 2023September 2nd, 2023No Comments

Board meeting minutes are official records of the decisions as well as the discussions that occurred during the meeting of the board of directors. They are used to ensure that everyone knows what took place, who spoke and the way in which the vote was taken. They are also used as legal documents to be used for future documentation.

It’s not a requirement, but having a board secretary who is dedicated to the job will make it easier to record and publish minutes. They can pay attention to the discussion without interruptions. A dedicated note-taker can assist in creating an organized and consistent approach to meeting procedures. Using an audio recording will also help eliminate discrepancies between minutes and what actually transpired in the meeting.

The first step of the minutes-taking process for meetings is to confirm that there was a quorum at the meeting. Checking the attendance list against the board membership records will reveal who was present. If a quorum isn’t achieved, then the chair may decide to adjourn or postpone the discussion for later consideration.

It is sufficient to note any materials that were discussed in the meeting, but not to give an exhaustive description. The best option is to house all meeting materials in a secure online board portal using solutions such as Boardable. This way, presentation materials and other materials are easily accessible whenever needed. This is particularly helpful for board members who are new and those who missed the meeting.

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